Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I broke out of my comfort zone today and tried something new…  Hot Yoga.  All the stars aligned , Lynn’s yoga challenge, the new hot yoga studio in Dartmouth opening its doors this week and the fact that they are offering all of their classes for free this week so I took that as I sign I should give it a try.
I convinced a friend of mine to go along with me, and it took a lot of convincing.  We arrived about 30 minutes early, signed in and had a chat with the instructor (Melissa).   She took one look at us and said “you look scared, don’t be. Relax and have fun it’s only yoga after all.”  I told her about my joint issues and she had some helpful suggestions to modify some of the poses so I was happy and impressed with that.  After changing, we headed into the studio, and it was HOT!!!  It felt like a sauna.  I relaxed and did some stretching then the class began.  Melissa was very good at describing the poses and encouraging those of us that were unable to complete the full pose to do modifications.  Throughout the class she walked around making sure everyone was doing everything properly and if not showed them the proper way to do it so you received the most benefit and didn’t injure yourself.  The first portion of the class was standing poses, the next sitting poses, and the final portion was flow.  (Hopefully my terminology is correct). 
When I went in I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do the whole 60 minutes without taking a breather but I made it through and was impressed that I did.   I think I will definitely go back.
If your looking for something new try hot yoga, as the instructor said don’t be scared, it’s only yoga. As a newbie, I would suggest doing the 60 minute class.  I don’t think I would have made it through the 75 or 90 minute classes. 
Some things to remember
1. Be prepared to sweat
2. Make sure to hydrate
3.  Bring a towel.
If you’re in the local area (HRM) the classes at Moksha are free for this week and they are offering a special as well
One  full MONTH of unlimited classes for $40 OR one week for $20
Going to watch some TV then off to bed.
Night all

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JavaChick said...

The hot yoga sounds interesting, but I have to admit that I am too lazy to drag my butt out too classes; seems like too much hassle when I can just pop in a DVD or do a yoga download class at home.

I read your post down below from the first day of the yoga challenge, about your first experiences with yoga. Finding the right instructor/class/DVD makes all the difference in the world! I used to go to a class when I had a gym membership and the regular instructor was fantastic. Then he started cutting back on classes and we had some other instructors in that would have completely turned me off yoga if it had been my first experience. Glad you are finding some options that you enjoy!