Sunday, June 20, 2010


So it’s been a few months since my last post, so much for trying to be a better blogger I guess.  I had lots of things I had wanted to post about but for some reason couldn’t get my fingers to do the typing.

I wanted to introduce you to my new BFF.


We have had this Jacuzzi installed for 3 years and would you believe up until last week it was only used once.  It was Valentines day when he finished installing it so he surprised me with this and that was the only time it was put to use.


I’ve been having some issues with my hip and other muscles and joints lately so I thought I would get some use out of this baby. Nice long hot soaks with a couple of cups of Epsom salts=relaxation!!

In case you didn’t know Epsom salt baths are said to have quite a few  therapeutic benefits including:

  • relaxing your muscles
  • reducing inflammation
  • reducing pain
  • aide digestion
  • and detoxify your body

The Jacuzzi and I will be spending a lot of quality time together from now on smile_regular

I have been reading about banana soft serve for some time in blog land.  Angela over at Oh She Glows combines it with Vegan Overnight Oats and they look so good.  I finally made some banana soft serve tonight and it was fabulous.  The perfect quick and easy desert.  Into the food processor frozen banana, a splash of vanilla, dark chocolate cocoa powder and a few cacao nibs.  In just a couple of minutes ice cream.  A sprinkle of cacao on top and enjoy.



We are having quite the thunder and lightening storm at the moment and our golden retriever freaks out during these storms, so I must go check on the big baby.

~~ Jackie