Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boredom is a Dangerous Thing

Well hello everyone.  As always the weekend has sped by and it’s back to work tomorrow.  I envy those of you out there that have jobs you enjoy enjoy, sadly I’m not one of them, and dread the thought of starting yet another week. 

Anyway on to something more interesting.  Saturday started off grey and dreary but early in the day the sun came out and it was HOT.  I had to go drop of a book at the library and since I was bored to tears thought I would do some shopping while I was out.  Well, I should know that shopping when bored is dangerous.  For me it’s kind of like going to the grocery store hungry.  It seemed everywhere I went there were SALES.  My arm is actually sore today from carrying the bags.  Who knew shopping could be a workout, and not only for your credit  card.  I picked up 5 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, 2 tops, pj’s.  Some birthday presents, books, some cute plates and of course shoes.


Aren’t they cute.  LOL..  These actually came with the case of beer we bought.  I’m not sure who they are supposed to fit but they are like flippers on me.  They go good with the green nail polish I bought though.


Here are the shoes that I picked up. Too  cute and they are Aeorsoles, so they’re comfy.  Best of all they were on SALE!!


A friend came out for a visit.  Since it was so hot in the house we thought we would take a drive to Martinique Beach but by the time we got there the fog had rolled in.  It was so thick you could hardly see the water from the beach.  We turned around and headed home.  We did make a pit stop at a little fish and chip place in our area Harbour Fish and Fries.  This place never disappoints.  The fish is always fresh and very tasty.  Hubby to home late as usual so nothing to exciting Saturday night. 

Today was another scorcher.  I took a trip down to the local Farmers Market to look for some fresh veggies, but there wasn’t much to there today.  It’s a small market so not always a large selection.  I did pick up a couple of things though.

                  IMG_0949  IMG_0952IMG_0957

There may or may not have been an apple Danish that got eaten on the way home.  smile_wink 

So my eats this weekend were not stellar but it was too hot to cook and it was one of those times when I really didn’t know what I wanted to eat so I just had whatever was quick and easy.

Time for bed I guess.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE a good shopping spree! Very cute shoes!! :)

Thanks for posting a pic of those beer flip flops, I heard an ad for them on the radio and wondered what they looked like, LOL. ;)

The same thing happens to us every time we decide to go to the beach. FOG. :(