Sunday, January 3, 2010


I really can't believe the holidays have come and gone for another year. It seems 2009 has just flown by, and December came and went before I knew it. Christmas was great. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends. It appears I was a very good girl this year too judging by my Christmas loot. People always say you shouldn't give your spouse appliances or kitchen implements for Christmas, so I guess I am an exception to that rule. I love, love, love getting kitchen stuff. Here are some of my favorites this year.

Since we bought a propane stove I have been complaining about my pots and pans. They were great for the electric stove but for the heat of the propane, not so much. Everything burns. This was the start of my new collection - Cast Iron KitchenAid - I'm hoping for better luck with these.

A couple of years back I splurged and bought myself a Henckel Chef's Knife, and have been wanting more ever since, but couldn't justify the cost. They are pricey but soooooo worth it. You will never go back to a regular knife once you have tried one of these. My honey got me the full set and then bought me a 10" Grohmann Chef's knife. I've never tried them before but a chef he knows said they were the ones he uses. They are made right here in Nova Scotia. I haven't tried it yet but can't wait to get slicing and dicing.

Here are a couple of my fun presents.

Animal Zoo - Silicone Pot Mitts and Another frog for my collection

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

This is the Rachael Ray Oval pot. It's made for cooking long pasta so you don't have to break it or smoosh (I think that's the technical term) it down in the pot, something that has always annoyed me. She uses her pots on a gas stove so I'm hoping it will stand up to the propane.

That's all for now. Happy New Year!!!


JavaChick said...

All of our knives are Grohmann and we love them! The only down side is we can't get them sharpened around here any more. We got a knife sharpener to do it ourselves at home, but it's just not the same as when they used to do the knife sharpening at Bass River Kitchens.

Tricia said...

What great gifts! I love cast iron.

And thank your for the sweet comment on my anniversary post.

Jackie said...

I have to say I am loving the Grohmanns too. It's hard to get the knives back up to par once they start to dull. Have you tried a specialty kitchen store for sharpening, they might know of someone, if they don't do it themselves.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Nice loot! I'll take one of each please!!

We don't even have a dutch oven and you should see the pathetic excuse of a roasting pan I do have. Not pretty at all!

Love the knife set. I have a couple of great Victrinox knives that I LOVE. They are about 6 years old and just now could use a sharpening.