Thursday, December 10, 2009


What do you do when your other half is strictly a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Mine is just that he is anti vegetable, although I have managed to get him to eat a couple sprigs of broccoli (must have cheese sauce though) or cauliflower here and there. To him "eating his vegetables" amounts to a slice of tomato and leaf of lettuce on his sandwich.... lol. I have to humour him though, and agree that he's doing good. For some reason he gets a little miffed when my sarcasm shines through on this subject.

I pretty much refuse to cook separate meals for each of us, so I try to hide what I can in the food for him. I have to pulverise peppers, and shred carrots so they melt into the food. I even went so far as to buy "Deceptively Delicious". A cookbook written to help parents hide good stuff in their kids food, if he only knew.

This week I thought I would try something else on him. I purchased some PC Blue Menu ground soy and used it along with a little regular extra lean ground beef to make tacos. They were delish and he couldn't tell the difference.  I wouldn't necessarily class this as a health food, because it is still a processed soy product but once in awhile to swap out some beef for him is ok.  You could also use some black beans, or even lentil instead of the ground soy. Either way I'm sure his arteries were doing the dance of joy.
I have been dying to try the Bean Burgers I keep seeing on Lynn's blog , so I mixed them up with one slight modification for hubbies, I added the rest of the leftover taco mixture from the night before. I have to say these are awesome. Mine did not have the taco mixture in them and I loved them. Hubby, ate 3 and really liked them as well. WOO HOO!!! Thanks Lynn
I'm running low on ideas though. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to get them to eat healthier?

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