Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I learned today... X-Weighted Fitness Challenge

I learned two things about myself today after taking the X-Weighted Challenge fitness test.

  • My workouts that I thought were tough workouts were far from it. If that is what I am am supposed to feel like when working out, I am falling WAY short. Who knew laying down and getting back up 20 times would be so hard.
  • I have realized that the lung damage / scarring from my Sarcoidosis is much worse than I thought after doing the fitness test. In everyday life I'm fine but it is now almost 10 hours later and I'm still weezing and coughing like I have a chest cold. I have noticed it when doing some aerobic activity that involves more than moving just my legs but NOTHING like today. So now there is one more reason for me to put in the extra effort . How many reasons will I need before I manage to stick to it for good?
I need to organize myself in order to ensure I fit exercise in every day again. So I am attempting to start some meal planning. I find that so hard. It sounds easy in theory but I don't know what I want to eat tonight let alone what I will want 6 days from now. Any suggestions? I spend so much time making dinner through the week it is ridiculous. By the time I decide what I want, prep it, cook it and clean up the night is gone. Most nights I end up cooking twice, one meal for me one for the BF. Mainly I cook twice because he is home late, and partly because, as I have said before he is a meat and potato guy. Still stumped about what to do about that.
Hopefully I'll stop weezing soon.


farm girl. said...

We meal plan every dinner over the course of a weekend. We had been buying EVERYTHING we needed for a week, and then we choose day by day what we were eating that night. We just started buying enough for 3-4 days to cut down on waste. Also, any prep that can be done before hand is so worth the time to do it!

good luck!

Jackie said...

That sounds much more doable than planning a whole week in advance. I'm hoping it will cut down on my grocery bill too. I spend a huge amount of money on groceries, and there are only 2 of us.

Thanks for the suggestion.