Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Do The Weekends Go?

I ask myself this every Sunday.  The work week drags on but the weekends just fly by. 

Saturday was a fun filled day of housework and a quick trip to the grocery store.. surprise, surprise. 

The eats for the day consisted of.

Breakfast was Oatmeal.

Lunch was a huge salad with a wrap of Piri Piri chicken, veggies and Tzatziki


Supper was homemade pizza.  I make 2 pizzas one for the BF that consists of meat, meat, and more meat topped with cheese.  Mine consisted of some , roasted garlic smeared on top of the crust, hot genoa salami cooked till crispy and crumbled on top, sautéed onions and peppers with some balsamic vinegar added at the end and reduced down.  Some oregano, basil and topped with some partly skimmed mozza and parmesan.  Super yummy!!

Saturday night well let’s just say it was entertaining.  The BF and I along with his brother went to a benefit for someone they grew up with.  It was at a church hall in the country.  I was the designated driver so I got to people watch all night.  Love doing this, it  is so entertaining watching the interactions of people when large amounts of alcohol are consumed not to mention the unique and varied dancing  styles.

Even though we didn’t get home till late Saturday night I was up and off to Zumba this morning.  Still loving this class. 

Started the day off with a blue/green monster.  Lunch was at my parents so not my usual food.  On the menu today was Philly Cheese steak Sandwiches, and some kind of lemon desert.  Tasty but really just empty calories and a lot of salt.  Oh well, I don’t expect them to change their ways now at the age of 75.

Of course there was another quick trip to the grocery store  yet again today.  I’ve been missing my hummus the last couple of days and there was no Sabra at the grocery store so I decided to whip up a batch of my own. 


Hummus is so quick and easy to make.  I didn’t measure anything just threw everything in and adjusted till I liked the taste.

Can of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, ground black pepper, roasted garlic, a pinch of cayenne,  and little warm water to make it smooth.  Very good!!

That pretty much sums up the weekend.  Time to watch some TV with my honey and get to bed.


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NSGIRL said...

Mmmmmm....homemade hummus...I'll have to try that!