Friday, March 26, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly…. well mostly just the UGLY!!

The day started off pretty good, with my usual blue / green monster


In the mix, blueberries, banana, baby spinach, chia gel, UCAB, and flax meal.  Delish as always

Then I had a small bowl of oats at work.  Oats, UVAB, pure pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin pie spice and a squeeze of Agave.

Lunch consisted of the standard weekday salad accompanied by leftovers from last night and roasted cauliflower.

So far so good  right?

After work I went to my Chiro appointment.  I picked the wrong profession.  I was in and out in 5 mins,  for the low low cost of $50.00.  That works out to quite the hourly rate.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know what I would do without massage and chiro, but the cost is scary!! 

After my adjustment I needed to get groceries but since the weather was crappy I decided to stop at the grocery store closer to home. Here is where the UGLY starts.  I was wandering around the store not finding anything I was looking for and getting very annoyed when something started calling my name….. and well, I couldn’t resist


Yup,  it was actually the Dark Chocolate version I picked up and ate while waiting in line at the checkout.

Then when I got home I may have consumed some of these.


Who am I kidding I consumed most of the bag smile_sad.  I did manage to throw out what was left so I wouldn’t get into them later on.  I know better than to buy them.  Chips are my weakness, I just can’t stop eating them.

Then we had supper which wasn’t all that bad I guess.  I decided on a grilled cheese sandwich. 

2 slices of Body Wise Whole Wheat bread;  Becel, Light Cheddar, and 3 slices of Back Bacon.

I was feeling a little chilly so I thought a nice hot cup of tea was in order.  So going with the not so healthy eats theme I seemed to be on.  I had to have something to accompany my tea.

IMG_0846 IMG_0844

A yummy homemade ginger cookie.

There you have it.  Some good choices, some ok choices, and some really bad choices.  C’est la vie…. tomorrows a new day!



farm girl. said...

Those cookies look amazing!! Especially with a cup on the tea on such a miserable cold day...

NSGIRL said...

Your bad eats look awfully yummy! Tomorrow is a new day...and Sunday is Zumba! That'll take care of your bad eats!

Lauren said...

Don't worry too much, there were a lot of good things about your day! You started it off so well. Everything else, you can fix tomorrow. No need to stress.