Monday, March 29, 2010

Trying To Be A Better Blogger

I was browsing through the memory card for my camera and found a few food pics from last week.  Apparently I’m good at taking the pictures just not so good at putting them into the blog.

In attempt to find something new to eat I searched some recipes using Lentils.  I decided on Sloppy Joes.  Since the boy likes lentils I thought this might be a winner for him as well.  They were good and he liked them so as always that’s a bonus.  I used 3 different recipes to come up with my final one but it still needs a little tweaking to get it just right.   I used canned lentils for the recipe.  If you’ve never tried them you should.  They are convenient and don’t taste any different than the dried lentils.

All the ingredients ready to go.


The finished product with some homemade tabouleh.


I also jazzed up my usual pumpkin oats with a scoop of  Chocolate Amazing Grass a couple dark chocolate chips and a sprinkle of coconut.  This was totally delicious.



This pasta dish is a household favorite.  I’ll post the recipe once I have it written down.  It’s just something I made up as I went along so I don’t have measurements.  There are onions, celery, peppers, carrots, garlic, ground turkey, bay leaves, oregano, basil, chicken stock, red wine or balsamic vinegar if there is no red wine available, tomato paste, chopped baby spinach,  pasta and parmesan.  I think that’s everything. 


The finished product with some roasted cauliflower also sprinkled with a little parmesan.


That’s it for now.  Off to catch up on everyone else’s blogs.


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