Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quinoa Turkey Burgers

Something I've been doing for awhile now is attending the Presidents Choice (Superstore) Cooking School.  They offer a wide variety of classes,  Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Italian, French and many more.  There is even a class dedicated to Chocolate!  I enjoy going so I can try out different or new to me foods and  cooking techniques that I wouldn't necessarily try on my own.  You don't actually get to cook, but what you do get is a chance to sit and relax while a Chef prepares a full meal (appetizer, main dish, and dessert) for you to enjoy, a copy of the recipes to take with you, and the best part is you get a break from cooking and dish duty!  The supper classes are very reasonably priced at $18 + HST.

They also have a What's For Dinner session at lunch time (check with your local store to see if it's available). This is an hour long class where you show up the Chef prepares lunch (usually salad and main dish, or main dish and dessert). They have most of the prep work done so you basically just sit down and eat.  Easy to fit in on your lunch break if you work close to a location that offers them.  Here's the best part.... these classes cost $10, but when you go you get a $10 Presidents Choice gift card so lunch is in fact FREE! How can you beat that, real food cooked for and served to you for free.

One of the classes I went to was "Cooking with Quinoa" and these burgers were one of the items on the menu.

Quinoa Turkey Burgers

2 lbs Ground Turkey
2 cups White Quinoa, cooked
2 garlic cloves (minced if you don\t use the food processor)
1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
3 Tbsp Tzatziki, plus additional for serving
2 Tbsp fresh Rosemary, (chopped fine if you don't use the food processor)
Salt and Pepper

Feta, and Tomatillo Salsa for topping finished burgers
12 Ciabatta buns

Combine all burger ingredients in the food processor, and pulse till combined.  Form into 12 burger patties.  Cook burgers on preheated grill, BBQ or in a saute pan with a small amount of olive oil.

Top burgers with Feta, salsa, and veggies of choice.

*Note - I don't usually use the food processor just combine everything in a bowl.  I also use other fresh herbs if \I have them on hand (oregano, thyme).  

I wasn't in the mood for a bun so I just topped some Arugula with the burger and accompanied it with a Carrot Beet Salad and homemade tortilla crisps and guacamole. Delish!!

It's back to work for me tomorrow.  Have a great week.

~ Jackie


NSGIRL said...

Love the new blog design...I guess this is how you spent your vacation! Love PC Cooking School! Can't wait for the "Pumpkin" class tomorrow night!

Lynn said...

Great new blog look! :)

Jackie said...

Thanks guys... It was something I have wanted to do for awhile now.