Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Organize

One of my goals for October was to organize the kitchen.  Well I tackled that and then some while I was on vacation.  I not only organized and de-cluttered the kitchen cupboards, I washed all of them.  Even though we have a big kitchen I still wish I had more cupboard space, That is until I decide to wash the cupboards that’s when I wish I had a teeny tiny kitchen. It took me a day just to do that. I don’t really have any earth shattering suggestions about how to organize your kitchen but some of the things I find helpful are.

* Mason jars for storing items.  I have been slowly accumulating mason jars to store my dry goods like beans, lentils, chickpeas, flours, teas etc. That way I don’t have 5000 different plastic bags and packages strewn about in the cupboards.  I also label the tops of the jars so I can actually see what’s in them without pulling them out.

*Baskets make great holders for a lazy susan cupboard.  Ours is metal so things would fall through the cracks or fall off as you spin it.  Annoying!!!  So I try to keep like items together in the baskets and now I don’t have to be a contortionist to crawl inside to try to retrieve what fell off.  I also keep my potatoes in a basket helps eliminate rotten ones at the bottom of the bag. 

Before and After


Some things I figured out during this task

-  I have a lot of tea.  I mean does one person really need 24 different kinds of tea???

-  I also have a lot of vinegar – 13 kinds to be exact, seriously what was I thinking.

tea vinegar after

- Another thing I realized was I could have outfitted another entire kitchen.  Some of the things I donated, toaster, pressure cooker, pots, pans, juicer, food processor, blender and the list goes on.

A little treasure I found buried in the back behind the tea and vinegar was this


This stuff is super good on toast but it would be amazing as a topping for Brie or with pork or chicken.  I will be picking some more of this up for sure at the next Epicure party I go to.

G’night all.

~ Jackie

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