Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Retail Therapy

Hi everyone, did I mention that I’m on VACATION this week???  I am so glad to not be at work.    Since hubby only has Wednesday off the week is pretty much my own.  I do plan on a day trip or two.  I was thinking Mahone Bay, maybe the valley again, or Victoria Park in Truro. 
Here’s a recap of yesterday.  Nothing earth shattering but a good day all the same.
Started the day off with a smoothie.  Frozen blueberries, frozen bananas, spinach, maca powder, drizzle of agave, scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood, UVAB, and some water.
Then I was off to town for some retail therapy.  My first stop was Bath and Body Works.  I discovered Bath and Body Works many years ago on a shopping excursion to the States.  They have so many yummy scents and great products.  One trip to Maine I stopped at a store and filled….. well…. overfilled two of the baskets and still had more on top of that.  The sales girl thought I was nuts.  Apparently I’m not the only Maritimer that has an addiction to this stuff.  The store only opened Sunday so I thought it would be busy, but since it was Monday morning I didn’t think it would be too bad.  Boy was I wrong…the place was a zoo.  You couldn’t move.  I didn’t intend to buy much but $60 later I walked out of the store
IMG_1097Next stop was Rogers to try and decipher our cell phone bills, something I have been putting off for months.  I was there for at least an hour and when I left I really wasn’t much further ahead.  Even the poor guy at the store couldn’t understand how they had set up our plans.
I was off to Pete’s Fruitique after Rogers ordeal.  Picked up lots of goodies.  Fresh mint, parsley, pepper, baby bok choy, ginger, Tortilla Factory Tortillas.  Thai coconut , PB and Co, Maple peanut butter, light coconut milk, red onion,  Portobello shroom, Stonemill Cranberry Pumpkin Seed bread, and the white thing in the front of the picture is daikon.  I have no idea what this tastes like or what I’m going to do with it but I wanted to try it out.  The one thing I was looking for they didn’t have, fresh figs.  I have never had them and really want to try them so if anyone knows where I can get them let me know.
I have only seen these tortillas at Pete’s they are the large  size, taste really good and the nutritional info isn’t bad either, however the ingredient list could be improved on just a tad.
12 g  dietary fiber, 100 calories, 3.5 g fat
My newest addiction is Chai Tea Latte’s.  We only have Tim’s where I live, no Starbucks or Just Us out in the country, so I’ve  been making my own.  Brew up the tea add a drizzle of real maple syrup and some UVAB.  Of course with a latte you need froth so I picked up this cute little guy at Stokes. 
It works like a charm!!
On the way home I made a quick stop at Costco.  Big container of baby Arugula, grape tomatoes, large bottle of pure Vanilla for $6.99 ( I usually pay that for a small bottle), and a cute casual jersey dress for $12.97.
Overall I think a pretty successful day of retail therapy.
I was given a rather large zucchini last week, and what do you do with zucchini…. make muffins and muffin tops.  I used the recipe from Eat, Drink and be Vegan.  Another successful recipe.  Everything I have tried from that book has been very good.  smile_regular  My only modification was to add some dark chocolate chips to some of them.  Everything is better with chocolate smile_wink
Hubby is off tomorrow so I think we’ll spend the day in Halifax, wander the waterfront, go for lunch and maybe a movie.  Hopefully the weather will be good again tomorrow.
Night all
~~~ Jackie

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I can't wait to check out B&B! Looks like you made out quite well! :)

I was wondering where to buy a frother around here, thanks.

Have fun today!