Sunday, August 8, 2010

Curry Kind of Day(s)

Good morning everyone, how’s your weekend going so far?
Last weekend on my trip to the Valley, we had lunch at the Union Street Cafe, and it was divine.  The curry chickpea burgers were to die for, so when I got home I sent an email off to them and they sent me back the recipe…. YAY!!  Of course I had to whip up a batch right away along with some mango chutney mayo and had one for lunch.  That night it was so hot I didn’t want to cook and the burgers were in the fridge so I had one for supper too. 
All dolled up with some Tzatziki, and veggies on a whole wheat tortilla.  SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!
To end off Friday night with some excitement hubby came home with the drywall for our little construction project so we had to carry 19 sheets of it in the house. Do we know how to rock a Friday night or what?…
One of the kitties checking out the drywall.
Saturday started out with some overnight oats, then it was off to town to visit my parents, and do some shopping.  I wasn’t looking for anything special when I stopped into Winners but…. I came out with no less than 8 tops, a pair of yoga pants, a dress and a lot less cash. 
Supper was a continuation of the curry theme Curried Sweet Potatoes and Carrots with Lentils.  I had printed the recipe off of a blog awhile ago and for the life of me I can’t remember whose it came from.   
I swapped out the vegetable broth for chicken broth and added one ingredient of my own.  The much talked about garlic scape. 
The finished product served over some whole wheat egg noodles.  It was supposed to be served over rice but I wasn’t in a rice kind of mood.  I also cooked some boneless skinless chicken thighs on the BBQ for hubby.
Not the prettiest but it was really good.  The best part of all hubby really liked it.  I’m slowly converting him from nothing but meat and potatoes to healthy. 
After supper we headed over to a friends for some drinks and then everyone jumped on the “party boat” and we were off to the dance at the boat club.  The last time I checked the time it was 2am and we were still on the party boat so I’m not sure what time we actually go home.
Looks like we’ll be hanging some drywall today, and then having a couple of people over to watch the fireworks tonight.
Enjoy your Sunday smile_regular

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