Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When Hubby Makes Supper……

When hubby makes supper I’m a happy girl, because that means I don’t have to spend HOURS in the kitchen after work.   After spending 2 1/2 hours cooking 2 meals and cleaning up the kitchen last night I was thrilled he said he was cooking tonight.  He doesn’t have time to do it very often but he always does a great job.  He won’t ever tell me what he’s making either, so it’s always a surprise.
Before we had a kitchen he cooked me White Chicken Lasagna on the BBQ.  It was delicious unfortunately too many milk products for me.  There have been quite a few Rachel Ray recipes too.  One day there was a blueberry themed dinner.  Now when you hear blueberries you’re probably thinking dessert, not even close.  Dinner was Blueberry Burgers and a cold pasta dish with chicken and  Blueberries.  The pasta dish did not look appetizing at all but looks can be deceiving because it was really good.
Tonight's meal did not disappoint.  It was quite yummy (not so figure friendly) but tasty all the same.
Ground beef, eggs, parmesan, cheddar, ketchup, Worcestershire, and bacon of course.
Hubby cooked these on the BBQ because the dishes called for different temps.  He forgot our stove has two ovens….OOPS!!
I was shocked this was on the menu.   Hubby has been telling me for years he can’t stand scalloped potatoes.  I found this hard to believe since there is nothing in it that he doesn’t like.  Coincidentally I had planned to make a batch for him this week so he could try them again.  I knew he’d like them, and he did.  He even sliced all the potatoes by hand.  He wanted to use the new KA Food Processor but wasn’t sure how to work it.  Truth be told that was the REAL reason I wanted to make scalloped potatoes.  I wanted to play with my new toy…  It’s soooo fast I lurve it.
He was thinking of me when he made these, he used Original Almond Milk instead of regular milk.  I have to say I was skeptical but they had a really good taste.  I liked the taste much better than with regular milk.    All in all a great supper, and we actually got to eat together, something that is a rare occurrence for us, so that made it even more enjoyable.
After supper the chef carried on with his other job, carpenter and went back to work on our bathroom and bedroom project.
I wish I had a quarter of his talent.  Not only can he do carpentry but he’s a cabinet maker too.  He built our entire kitchen from scratch and did an AMAZING  job. Not to mention the fact he built the whole house himself from the ground up.
While hubby was hard at work I relaxed with a cup of Chai Tea and a cookie, well actually two cookies but I devoured ate one before I  had a chance to take the pic.
I started adding a little real maple syrup to to the Chai Tea to sweeten it up.  It adds a nice flavor.
I guess that’s all I have for you tonight.  I have to go help hang some drywall now.  smile_wink
How often does your spouse cook dinner?  When they do is it a “healthy” meal?

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

The last time my hubby cooked a meal was on Valentine's Day. :-p

Your meal looked SO good! Isn't it nice to not have to come straight home and head for the kitchen? I never really thought about using almond milk in savory recipes, will have to try that.

Can't wait to see how your renos turn out!