Tuesday, February 9, 2010


After seeing Lynn's post about Chocolate Quinoa I knew I couldn’t give up on Quinoa yet.  Before trying the chocolate version I wanted give just plain old quinoa a try.  My previous attempts were less than stellar.  I thought maybe it was the quinoa itself that might have been the problem.  I bought it at the bulk barn the first couple of times, so this time I picked up some Bob’s Red Mill.  I was brave and cooked it with just water and voila… success!!  The Bob’s Red Mill cooked the way the directions said it would, the texture was much better, and didn’t taste “off” like the others.  So I figure it can only improve from here especially after adding chocolate.  I mean really if something doesn’t taste good with chocolate then  let’s face it there’s just no hope.

Bob's Quinoa

Since I am running low on my Chocolate Amazing Grass, I decided to be brave… suck it up.. and break open the Amazing Grass Wheatgrass that’s been taunting me every time I open my cupboard.  I’ve had the unopened container in my cupboard for a few months now but quite frankly I was scared to open it.  I really, really didn’t think I would like the taste.  I guess I figured if I let it sit on the shelf long enough it would magically change  and taste like Lindt Dark Chocolate… if only!!  So what was the verdict, well I would like to say it was Great!! but I can’t go quite that far.   It really isn’t bad at all.  I wasn’t fond of the smell but it didn’t taste bad.  I mixed it with Almond Breeze and chugged it down.  If it was mixed in with a smoothie or green monster you would never know it was there.

AG wheat grass 

What new thing should I try next??

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Anonymous said...

Chocolate quinoa is the only way I can eat it. I find it tastes really bad too, hence the choc to mask the flavour. :)