Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I figured since I was home from work today I could at least post something here. 

Valentines Day was pretty uneventful around here.  I’m not a big Valentines Day girl and don’t really enjoy going out to overpriced, overcrowded restaurants on that day, so DBF and I will be celebrating this week with dinner and a movie.  DBF didn’t forget about me though, he came home with these


I’ve told him not to spend the money but he knows I love flowers so he doesn’t listen to me, and Valentines Day isn’t the only time he brings me flowers so it’s all good.

In the food department nothing much going on there.  I did make seafood chowder or as some like to say chowdah for the first time in my life for DBF on Valentines Day.  He loves it, but I don’t enjoy seafood that much and I can’t have milk/cream, so I have never tried it.  Apparently I did an awesome job, yay me!!  Although I think I will have to make it more often now.

I also made some Cajun chicken quesadillas not long ago. I love them and eat them quite often but DBF has never tried them… He has led a very sheltered life when it comes to food, not that Quesadillas are that exotic.  Anyway he loved them too, and couldn’t understand why he had never tried them before.  Now I put more cheese and a few  less veggies on his but he like it so that means there is another meal we will both eat and it saves me from having to cook two different meals.  I also topped mine with that yummy Liberte Plain Greek Yogurt instead.


Now I wasn’t lucky enough to get my hands on one of the coveted Amazing Grass shakers but I did find a cute pink one at GNC.  So now I can take my smoothies and run out the door.

IMG_0793 IMG_0795

Sorry this post was so long… it was supposed to be short and sweet.

Oh I almost forgot… Jamie over at Embracing Balance is having a super yummy giveaway.  Pop on over and check out the  Popchips loot you could win.


Jaime said...

Thanks for the shout out. Good luck!

NSGIRL said...

mmmmm...Chicken Quesadillas...must make them soon! I'm hungry!