Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waiting for the game…. GO CANADA!!! (and Shoe Love)

Anxiously waiting for the big game to start… I see gold in our future
Nothing much to report in my neck of the woods. I’ve been spending some quality time with my massage therapist and my new and totally awesome chiropractor. Now I have been to the chiropractor before, but this new guy is fabulous. After a quick but thorough exam he proceeded to tell me I needed a complete overhaul. Some bones in both of my feet, hips, shoulders, ribs and neck were not moving. Not to mention my knee issues and low back problems. He quickly went to work on my feet and ankles. The sound reminded me of popcorn popping or maybe Rice Krispies…. snap, crackle, pop. There wasn’t just one but a series of quite a few snaps and pops. He worked his way up to my neck. I was a little apprehensive about this one and have never wanted my neck adjusted but I gave in and am glad I did, although I have to say the cracking sound still freaks me out.
One of the test he did before starting was a balance test and I failed miserably. I have never had a balance issue but did notice when using my Wii Fit over the last few months that I couldn’t balance on either leg. When I was done, I could balance on both no problem. He explained why, but I won’t go into that. The other thing I could do after was walk down stairs. This may seem like a small thing but I was AMAZED!!!
Of course he gave me grief about wearing heels but realized that wasn’t going to change, so I guess I just have to work a little harder to keep things in the right place.
On that note I wanted to share these babies that I bought yesterday. I’m sure the chiropractor will not be impressed, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Pair # 1
Pair #2 (I couldn’t decide so I bought both)
Almost time for the game, so time to get settled in
GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!


JavaChick said...

Shoes! Couldn't decide = bought both sounds like me. :)

Jackie said...

A woman after my own heart !! Unfortunately my bank account doesn't see it the same way!