Monday, October 12, 2009

Shoes...Well sort of

I thought this was the cutest thing and part of the cost goes to Breast Cancer Research so really you just can't go wrong. It sits proudly on my desk at work, and I made sure to order some for the other shoe lovers I work with.

No food pics today. Huge Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at mom's. It was sooooooo yummy. She made "Boosey Pumpkin Pie" for dessert and it was awesome. Then I saw the recipe with the nutritional info. NOT GOOD!!! It was supposed to be 12 servings and I think ours was about 8. Can you say not figure friendly. I did manage to work out today. 30 mins treadmill, 30 mins Power Pilates, and some crunches. Every little bit helps. I may have worked off 1/8 of the I have to do it all again today at the inlaws. More turkey, gravy, and pie... what's a girl to do.


Anonymous said...

I saw that in Chapters the other day and loved it! Would make a great stocking stuffer. :)

Jackie said...

As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have one. The men in the office don't seem to appreciate them but the true shoe lovers do!!

JavaChick said...

Ok...want one of those tape dispenser things. Too cute.